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Three Trusted Methods For Storing Photos

Snap! The camera shutter closes, and the scene freezes in a single picture. Photos memorialize significant milestones in our lives. Class pictures, days spent with friends, travel expeditions, and family photos line the walls of our homes. Often, we capture photos to remember a moment otherwise gone. We collect pictures, share them, and pass them down to generations after. 

As time passes, these memories become more valuable and equally delicate. Exposure to light, water, pests, frequent handling, and poor storage is detrimental to photos. Which leads to the arising question: How can you best store photos? Below we’ve listed three trusted methods to ensure the preservation of these treasured objects. 

1. Board Box 

A time-tested approach, using a board box may be the simplest way to ensure protection for large quantities of photos. Photo boxes take up less room than average albums and are better at sheltering images from light, dust, and other contaminants. Board boxes are sturdy but light and travel easy. This is beneficial if you are planning on sharing the photo box throughout your family. The boxes can be purchased in various sizes according to the quantity and organizational layout of the pictures. Some can be found with vertical dividers that work great for sorting photos but aren’t ideal for delicate photos. 

We recommend these short-top boxes.

Photo Storage Method Using Photo Storage Short Top Boxes
Second trusted method to photo storage is using short top boxes

2. Sleeve-based method 

The main benefit of using sleeves to store photos is that they can be viewed without ever having to be removed from the sleeve. There are various sleeves for different types of photos including acid-free sleeves, Mylar sleeves, and polypropylene. Sleeves can also be chosen for the condition and amount of photos required to be stored. 

Mylar sleeves are the best for delicate photos as they seal securely without risking damage. These are our favorites

For large quantities of photos, an album is a perfect way to go. We recommend this acid-free sleeve album.

Photo Storage Method Using Mylar Sleeves
One trusted method to photo storage is using Mylar sleeves

3. Washington County Historical Society Archives

Another option is to donate your photos to the Washington County Historical Society. We have a dedicated archive and research center that houses historic photos. Not only would your pictures receive the utmost care, but would support our collection. 

Both members and non-members of the historical society can browse extensive physical and digital collections. Our research team assists in finding information about local businesses and organizations, property and residence inquiries, and family genealogy. Currently, we have over 17,000 historical images and records. Soon, we are planning to launch a new interface that allows members to search our photo archive collection from anywhere. 

To donate photos to the Washington County Historical Society, contact us directly. Simply select Research/Archives in the drop-down menu and schedule a time to complete the donation process. 

Closing Words 

In deciding which method is best for your collection, consider the quality, ideal accessibility, available storage, and value of your photographs. We hope that you are able to preserve your photos to cherish for years to come.

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