1865 Frisby House of The Tower Heritage Center

1865 Frisby House

Where Stories Are Yet to be Written

Built in 1865, the Frisby House is a beacon of Washington County’s rich heritage. The Tower Heritage Center took ownership of this property in the fall of 2023, with plans to revive its history in the coming years.

Inside the 1865 Frisby House

At its lively intersection on Poplar and Main Street, the Frisby House is positioned as a doorway to the Heritage Center, the icon of West Bend’s historic downtown.

1865 Frisby House of The Tower Heritage Center in West Bend, Wisconsin1865 Frisby House Washington County Welcome Center

Our Vision for the Space

Coming in from the enclosed front porch, guests will step back into 1865. The main rooms on the first floor will be fully restored, creating an immersive, memorable experience. Modular exhibits will add context to the space, highlighting the storied past of the home, its residents, and Washington County’s origins.

The iconic 1865 Frisby House will serve as a purposeful welcome center and intimate program space

The welcome center will offer unique mercantile through partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and artisans. On the side of the house is an open outdoor space for the community, to slow down and take in this history at any time.

In the 1865 Frisby House, we’ll be hosting events and workshops with locally connected goods available in the welcome center. The programs have a contemporary focus, rooted in history.

Upstairs, will be the new operational hub for The Tower Heritage Center, allowing increased collaboration and reach.

  • Evolve our ability to offer meaningful experiences
  • Amplify efforts in conserving our community’s tangible history
  • Reach more people and bring life into these spaces

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