Teen programs with The Tower Heritage Center


Teens Make History

We study history to know the past, engage in the present, and impact the future. Discover identity and meaning in learning about our shared heritage.

The Tower Heritage Center offers opportunities for entrepreneurially-minded teens interested in skill development where craft, materials, and history intersect. From professional development to learning skills – we’re here to help teens build the future.

Our leading program, Young Entrepreneurs, offers teens opportunities to grow and challenge themselves in ways that aren’t always possible in school. Teens will get to know experienced professionals and engage in hands-on projects. All things that will help them down the road, wherever it leads.

Teen Leaders with The Tower Heritage Center

Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs build the future. Our one-week certificate program offers teens an in-depth view of the history and foundation of entrepreneurship.

As they learn from experienced professionals, teens will explore success, failure, and innovation in Washington County’s history. Through engaging in hands-on activities, teens will see the reality of putting theory into practice. In addition to growing personally and professionally, each day includes lunch and unlimited snacks.

  • Research and prototyping
  • Networking and marketing
  • Risk management and basic finances
  • Creative communications
  • Strategic thinking and adaptability
  • Operation management


  • Create a business model
  • Meet guest speakers experienced in building and managing a company
  • Pitch presentations in small groups
  • Engage in brainstorming and discussion sessions