View of the city of West bend from the 1889 Courthouse


History We Live In

For historic homeowners, moving in is just the beginning. While the ornate details, quality craftsmanship, and individual character are undeniably enchanting – it takes serious dedication to preserve these elements. So, where to begin?

The Tower Heritage Center seeks to support historic owners who love the old vintage feel of their building and want to keep it around for the next generation. We know as well as you do, these are more than just buildings – they’re history we live in.

1865 Frisby House with the Tower Heritage Center in Washington County, Wisconsin

Resources for historic homeowners

  • Architectural Heritage Series: A program open to members and nonmembers that explores an element of building covering design, material, craftsmanship, and so much more!
  • Preservation Consulting: We offer a range of preservation consulting services, from historic structure reports to building preservation plans. Reach out, and we’ll help you find the right fit.

Property Owners Institute

A member-exclusive benefit, the Property Owners Institute is a unique suite of resources for historic homeowners to assist in their preservation goals.