1889 Courthouse home to the Heritage Exchange in Washington County, Wisconsin

Heritage Exchange

Located in the 1889 Courthouse, The Heritage Exchange has everything you need for a great day’s work, enhanced by the historic atmosphere of the building. 

Geared for nonprofits and start-ups, the Heritage Exchange is a community business center for getting the hard work done. Even so, we provide space for organizations of all kinds, from an event venue to open coworking space, a meeting room, and even dedicated offices.

Need we say more? Come on in, we’d love to show you around.

All Under One Roof

Not that you’ll never want to leave the building, we’re just saying you may never have to. With everything from cozy nooks to spacious workspaces, amenities, and coffee (the essentials) we’ve got you covered!

Coworking space in the Heritage Exchange in Wisconsin

Coworking Space

The Heritage Exchange includes two dedicated coworking rooms on the second floor of the 1889 Courthouse – each with ergonomic seating, proper desks, and natural lighting.

Open Coworking

Imagine desk surfing. Drop in whenever you like, with the flexibility of your own schedule.

Dedicated Desks

Not a by-the-books kind of person? No worries. With 24/7 access to a sit/stand desk and a secure place to keep your things, this option meets the best of both worlds from collaborative coworking to private office space. Perfect for 2 am artists, juggling-everything parents, and side-husting legends.

Private Offices

Want to set down roots? We offer a range of private office spaces from 200 sq ft to 375 sq ft, 700 sq ft, and 1,240 sq ft. Private offices include bespoke add-ons, like mail and cleaning services. Connect with us to arrange a showing!

Meeting room in the Heritage Exchange of The Tower Heritage Center

Meeting Room

Need a space to gather, craft ideas, and build pitches? With a large screen and ready-to-use drawing board, the space is equipped for anything from casual networking to an intense brainstorming session. 

Open Monday through Friday from 8 am-3 pm. It accommodates 12 people comfortably, with the flexibility to invite more. Reserve the space by hour, using the button below. There’s a $15 hourly rate for non-partners, including all coworking amenities. Partners always receive free, unlimited access.

1889 Courthouse Venue Rental with The Tower Heritage Center in the Heritage Exchange

Event Venue

Something new, someplace old. Celebrate the special moments – from weddings to networking functions and even company parties.

Accommodates up to 150 individuals, with additional space available. Access to kitchenette, accessible restrooms, parking, and elevator entrance.

Partners of the Heritage Exchange receive a 10% discount on the hourly rate. Advanced-level partners are given their first four hours on the house.

Green Room

Our lead coworking space moonlights as a green room – expanding our event venue. It’s served as everything from a bridal suite to a photobooth, and even a bar room.

Mobile Bar

A 4-foot rolling bartop, counter ice maker, and 125-quart rolling cooler. This tricked-out setup is all set for your next event.

How does it work?

Access to the space is available through a community partnership program. Kind of like a secret club (but better.)

We’ve created partnerships for start-ups, nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations – each with its own tailored benefits.

All Partners Recieve:

  • Unlimited meeting room access
  • Invitation to annual Coffee & Connect networking event
  • 10% discount on event venue rentals
  • Access to internet, amenities, and utilities

What’s in a name?

At first glance, this coworking concept appears modern and innovative. However, utilizing a single building for the “exchange” of products, goods, and business really has historic roots.

19th century merchants and businessmen were stingy with their own money, but didn’t hesitate to splurge on buildings to conduct, well, business! These buildings were called “Exchanges” and contained offices for rent, dining rooms, and sometimes a hotel or library. They always featured a large room in which merchants could meet and make deals. (We even had two of these very buildings in Washington County, WI!)

  • Exchange building in Hartford, Wisconsin
  • Historic Exchange Building in West Bend, Wisconsin

With our personal and professional worlds becoming more and more digital, we wanted to provide a physical place where nonprofits, start-ups, and small businesses could easily access a network of people in real-time, just as was done way back when.

What else is in the building?

Museum exhibits, research center and archive, collection storage, you name it! The 1889 Courthouse is more than a building. It’s our icon. Bringing life into the building supports our ongoing mission of preserving this site for generations to come. 

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