Property Owners Institute

For Historic Building Preservation

Owners of old and historic buildings can dive deeper into learning about historic preservation at The Tower Heritage Center. We offer Center members who own historic properties a unique suite of resources to assist in their preservation goals.

Maintaining a historic property is no small feat, and we aim to help support those owners whose passion for these great buildings is truly a labor of love. Members have exclusive access to these remarkable resources, such as classes, workshops, grant funding, and much more. Join today!

Rural Homestead and Small Town Preservation Grant

The Rural Homestead and Small Town Preservation Grant (RHSTPG) program was created to help owners of historic properties preserve their beloved buildings while saving our history.

The RHSTPG program provides funds for a general preservation plan and preservation projects, such as the rehabilitation and restoration of historic properties. The grant funds can be used for materials, labor costs, professional services, and other costs associated with preservation projects. Access to this one-of-a-kind program is a unique member benefit of The Tower Heritage Center. This program is open to all Washington County Historical Society membership levels, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Property Owners Institute Members also enjoy these benefits: