Spark your students’ interest in the history of their hometown with help from The Tower Heritage Center. We offer several ways for you and your students to engage with the artifacts and stories of life in Washington County in earlier times.

Discovery Boxes

Let the Tower Heritage Center museum come to you! Discovery Boxes are interactive, in-class programs narrated by museum staff. They provide touchable artifacts and historical photographs delivered with an inquiry-based model of teaching. View a complete list of Discovery Boxes and rental fees.

Museum Field Trips 

Visit exhibits chronicling the people, ideas and events of Washington County from the glaciers to the present day. In the 1889 Courthouse Museum, nine exhibit rooms are devoted to the Menominee and Potawatomi, immigrants, technology, the Homefront, and more, including our oldest artifact, the 100,000-year-old Trenton Meteorite. Tour the restored circuit courtroom on the second floor.

The 1886 Jailhouse Museum next door remains mostly unchanged from the early 1900s. See the eight-room cell block, and hear stories of life in the jailhouse for the sheriffs’ families.

Specialized Learning Experiences

The Tower Heritage Center also offers specialized learning experiences that generally support the state standards students are expected to achieve. Each experience includes an in-depth look at a particular exhibit, a mini-lesson, and culminates in an activity that brings the lessons to life. Please contact us to learn about specialized learning experiences for your school group.