Adult Traveling Programs: Let the Museum Come to You!

Adult Traveling Programs are designed to help residents and visitors understand and appreciate the county’s history and natural environment. Programs provide historical photographs, modern images, and some touchable artifacts. They promote discussion and cover broad topics and periods.

presentation Topics

Highlights & History of Washington County

Covering all 13 townships, this PowerPoint journey of unusual and unique buildings, events, environments, and people. All locations mentioned are open to the public either as businesses or community spaces. 

Aluminum Cookware Industry

This PowerPoint program tells the history of aluminum mining, technology, and products made in Washington County. Touchable artifacts include omelet pan, bundt cake pan, lobster copper mold, electric potpourri hot pot, and more.

Women’s Suffrage Movement

This PowerPoint program discusses the involvement of both white and African-American women in the Suffrage movement from the 1840s, through the Civil War, until 1920. It also covers Wisconsin’s role and actions against universal suffrage. 

Courthouses & Jailhouses

The complex, yet fascinating, history of Washington County’s courthouses and jailhouses is the subject of this Adult Education PowerPoint program. What happened to the original 1854 jailhouse? Who designed the 1889 Courthouse? Included is a slideshow of exterior and interior architectural elements of the 1889 Courthouse Museum. 

The Artist Behind the Doughboy Statue

Discover the man behind one of the most enduring visual symbols of World War I, “The Spirit of the American Doughboy” statue. Ernest Moore “Dick” Viquesney was not only the son and grandson of French sculptors, but also a canny salesman and self-promoter, controlling every aspect from design to marketing, including Penny Drives. 

Washington County and The Tower Heritage Center

Take a whirlwind journey of Washington County from pre-history to the 21st century. Special attention is given to the The Tower Heritage Center, which traces its beginnings to 1874, and critical people who took part in creating some of the most beautiful county museums in the state. It provides printed historic photographs and modern images.

Glaciers & Geology

This program covers glacier formation, movement, and melting; how the glaciers created the Kettle Moraine and other Wisconsin topographical features; how humans benefitted from glacier formations and remnants; and the creation of fossils and examples of Wisconsin plant and animal fossils. Touchable artifacts include marl, limestone, trilobites, ammonites, brachiopods, corals, and coprolite.

Woodland Indians

Begin with a brief overview of recognized tribes of Wisconsin then discuss lifeways of Potawatomi and Menominee before European contact (1000-1600). Attention is paid to elements of culture and a hands-on examination of 400 to 500-year-old stone tools. Touchable artifacts include float copper, deerskin, birch bark, arrowheads, scrapers, drill, hammer stone, and an ax head.

Pioneer Life

Discuss how immigrants traveled to Washington County between 1800 and 1880 and the challenges and rewards of immigration. Examine tools need to create a house, farm, business, school, food, and goods. Touchable artifacts include horseshoe, an ox shoe, cowbell, hog scraper, drop spindle, and candle mold.

World War II

Quick overview of the war from the end of World War I to 1950, Important Allied and Axis This is an overview of the war from the end of World War I to 1950, Important Allied and Axis figures, and events. Focus is on the US home front, including shortages, rationing, scrap drives, and fundraisers in Washington County, Washington County POW camps, and factory war-time production. Touchable artifacts include mess kit, canned food and water, ration books and stamps, and steelies.

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There is no limit to how many Adult Traveling Programs or Discovery Boxes you can schedule in any period of time. Plan 45-60 minutes per presentation. No limit on group size.


Washington County organizations pay one annual program fee for use of any and all the Discovery Boxes and Adult Traveling Programs by anyone in the organization.

For one-time and out-of-county presentations, please contact the Education & Programs Coordinator.