1889 Courthouse of The Tower Heritage Center in West Bend, Wisconsin
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1889 Courthouse – Learn Your Landmarks

Did you know: the 1889 Courthouse is the second tallest building in Washington County?! Its iconic red spire is visible for miles. Discover the history of this building in this episode of Learn Your Landmarks…

For over 30 years, the 1889 Courthouse has stood as the home of our community’s history. Before then, this building was version 2.0 of the county courthouse.

While the building’s purpose has changed over time, the original design remains memorable today. One thing is for certain – the 1889 Courthouse will forever stand as an icon of Washington County.

Learn Your Landmarks uncovers the history in our neighborhood. Each episode dives into the storied past of a local landmark – from the well-known to hidden gems. Follow the series through our YouTube channel.

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