Campus of The Tower Heritage Center, home to the Washington County Historical Society


Since 1875

The Tower Heritage Center (TTHC) is home to the Washington County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that believes in forging meaningful connections across generations to Washington County’s hard-working legacy. And it has been our mission in some form since 1875!

Historical Society History

Edith Heidner founded the West Bend High School Museum in 1937

The Washington County Historical Society was established in 1962 with the merger of the Old Settlers’ Club and the West Bend High School Museum. The Old Settlers’ Club was founded in 1873 and had collected a small number of early pioneer artifacts. The West Bend High School Museum was founded by history teacher Edith Heidner, who worked to increase her students’ awareness of local history and the workings of a museum. With help from her students and the community, she was able to collect and exhibit artifacts at the high school starting in 1937. Ms. Heidner was one of the instrumental players in establishing the collections of the Historical Society. 

Washington County eventually moved its jail facilities to a new location, and the Historical Society made the 1886 Sheriff’s Residence and Jail its home in 1962. At that time, Ms. Heidner merged her museum with the smaller Historical Society collection. 

Early view of the Washington County Historical Society's museum

Beginnings of The Tower Heritage Center

In the early 1990s, Washington County completed an expansion of the new courthouse and moved all of its offices to the new space. The fate of the 1889 Courthouse was in limbo. Visionaries such as Reuben Schmahl and philanthropists like Doug Ziegler saved the building and arranged for its use by the Historical Society.

In 1994 the Society moved its headquarters to the 1889 Courthouse, gaining 29,500 square feet of space for exhibits, the research center, and administrative offices. Restoration work was completed that year.  In 2002 restoration work on the 1886 Jailhouse Museum was completed.

In June 2020 The Tower Heritage Center opened as an educational and history center that showcases more than 30,000 artifacts, documents, and narratives of achievement from the history of Washington County, Wisconsin.

The rebranding of the campus coincided with the organization’s expansion to include more active work in landmark recognition and historic building preservation.

The Tower Heritage Center campus consists of the 1889 Courthouse Museum and 1886 Jailhouse Museum and houses the Washington County Research Center and Archives. The Society also owns and operates the 1865 Frisby House. All of our sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and help tell the story of Washington County and the region.