5-Year ReConnect with The Tower Heritage Center
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Heralding in the Heritage Center’s New Era, the 5-Year ReConnect

It’s not every evening you get to step into the future. On Wednesday, December 13th, The Tower Heritage Center welcomed an intimate gathering of their closest friends and supporters. The event celebrates their storied past and recent achievements – including becoming an independent nonprofit – with drinks and good company. The icing on the cake? A first look at The Tower Heritage Center’s future, the 5-Year ReConnect.

The Tower Heritage Center Staff

“It all started with the organization’s recent purchase of the historic 1865 Frisby House this Fall, located just a block away from our beloved courthouse. This opportunity to protect this property has led us to launching a much-needed transformation we are calling the 5-Year ReConnect. This is our direction for becoming more outwardly focused, evolving our ability to offer unique experiences that connect people to The Tower Heritage Center and Washington County’s rich heritage,” says Steve Stuckey, Executive Director of The Tower Heritage Center.

Joe Zaremba at the 5-Year ReConnect event launch

“The journey is just Re-Beginning,” says Joe Zaremba, President of the Society. After years of uncertainty (raising a sustainability fund during the pandemic, hiring a new director, and creating a business model) the organization is now an independent nonprofit. The Tower Heritage Center notes special thanks to 100+ Women, dedicated leadership, and the countless community partners that stepped forward to make this all possible.

5-Year ReConnect event with The Tower Heritage Center

After announcing the 5-Year ReConnect in the courtroom of the 1889 Courthouse, guests are encouraged to explore the building. Throughout are visuals of what the spaces will become. Board and staff members are stationed throughout, speaking to the role of the campaign focuses in the 5-Year ReConnect.

With the movement of guests, friendly revelry, and enthusiasm – there’s noticeable energy. 

“We’re so thankful to everyone who joined us tonight. It means a lot. All these people have contributed to getting the Heritage Center to this point, whether by time, money, or talent. We wouldn’t be here without them,” says Bridgette Becker, Communications Coordinator.

“It was great getting to meet people and help them see what this place will be,” says Hannah Becker, Outreach Apprentice. The next 5 years will be exciting for The Tower Heritage Center. They look forward to continuing to celebrate the past, in the future.

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