Tower Talks

Enjoy This Exclusive Member Benefit

Every month a specialized talk is held for our members. These high-quality presentations cover a wide range of topics and feature guest speakers in addition to our staff. We offer both in-person and virtual options. No matter how members choose to attend, they find an enriching experience with an interactive Q&A at the end.

Our first year of content has been diverse, including the founding of the organization, a “visit” of other regional museums like the Schleisingerville to Slinger Historical Museum, and nearby community institutions like the West Bend Community Library. We’ve also presented ‘how-to’ techniques for “Taking Care of Your Family Treasures” and demonstrated a free multimedia touring app called Clio. Other unique topics included holiday planning from the mid-20th century, 100 years of wedding fashion, historic preservation, and the history of Washington County Girl Scouts.

Specialty Talks

These wide-ranging, speciality talks are open to the general public with a reduced rate for our members. New topics, such as women’s fashion between 1930 and 1945, are covered throughout the year. We also group together thematic topics into specific series, like the Quarterly Architectural Heritage Series, which covers all topics about historic buildings.